Omaha Supplemental Cancer Insurance

Three out of four families will be impacted by a family member diagnosed with cancer. While cancer and its treatment will take a serious toll on the patient for months if not years, their family must also undergo quite a battle. From financial burdens to major lifestyle changes, those closest to the patient can often have trouble keeping up. In the US alone, the costs of cancer will exceed $226 billion.

Family Heritage provides supplemental cancer insurance to help Omaha families stay afloat as they care for their loved one with cancer. You have your healthcare insurance to cover your medical bills but people tend to be surprised when their highest expenses during an illness are the indirect costs. These indirect costs that your health insurance probably does not cover include time away from work, travel for the best treatment, and childcare to name a few. With Family Heritage cancer insurance, you won’t have to worry about the financial stresses that come with insufficient health insurance coverage. There will be no need to sell your assets, deplete your savings, or dip into your retirement fund. All benefits are paid directly to you so that you can decide which expenses to take care of.

Why Choose Family Heritage Supplemental Cancer Insurance?

  • No medical exam required
  • All benefits are paid directly to the policyholder to cover what you need
  • Our plans pay in addition to any other insurance you own
  • The policies are guaranteed renewable for life so only you can cancel
  • Benefits are never reduced and premiums never increase with age or claims
  • There is no cap on the amount of benefits you receive or the number of claims you have
  • No lifetime limits
  • We’ll refund your premium less any claims you’ve made after 20 years

With supplemental cancer insurance from Family Heritage, you can take care of your loved one as they battle cancer without the anxiety over financial problems. This policy provides benefits for hospitalization, radiation, chemotherapy, special treatments, surgery, a second opinion and more. With Family Heritage supplemental cancer insurance, Omaha area families will be well-prepared when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer

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